yoga Puerto Vallarta
20 Jun

Yoga: A Wonderful Summer Activity in Puerto Vallarta

There is no denying that Puerto Vallarta has lots of activities you can consider to make your stay a memorable one. Yoga is not commonly considered as a major activity, and most people will get involved with it as something they need to do after doing everything else to help them relax. But if you have a full comprehension of yoga and the immense benefits it can bring to your body, soul, and spirit, you should make it one of your major activities at the Sayulita resorts. If you will be visiting Puerto Vallarta during the summer, you will be bombarded with choices on the various experiences you can have, but if you have never had the pleasure of enjoying yoga by the beach, then this is one of those experiences you should prioritize. If you have any doubts, here are our compelling reasons why yoga on the Puerto Vallarta beaches during the summer is such a cool idea.

There are No Crowds

Summer months in Puerto Vallarta start in April and runs through to September. During this period, the crowds have left, and this means that you will find a little more space to spread and stretch. Besides, most of the yoga centers along the beaches will be free, and this will allow you to have good contact time with your instructors, thus ensuring you get the most from each session. Very few people know about this secret to visiting the region and if you are an aspiring yogi, then you will be glad that you made your trip at this time of the year.

The Weather is just Perfect

Between the months of April and September, there is an increase in heat and humidity, and though this may be less admirable for some, they are very good if you want to immerse yourself into yoga. They are just the right type of conditions you need to attain various yoga postures within a short time. The increase in heat will improve the mobility of the joints and this will, in turn, increase your ability to stretch and reduce the risks of injuries. Additionally, the conditions will improve blood circulation throughout the body, which will also help in the elimination of toxins. As such, yoga will be more effective and fulfilling at this time of the year compared to during the cold months when you don’t sweat a lot and your mobility is also hindered.

Puerto Vallarta is cheaper at this time

Nearly everything is cheaper during this time in Puerto Vallarta. You will not have to pay exorbitantly for Sayulita Mexico resorts, because off-season pricing will kick in. The yoga centers will also try to attract more people with reduced rates so that even if you are a complete beginner, you will have a good chance of getting a great experience without breaking the bank. The yoga centers also have interesting programs to help you get the most of all your yoga sessions during this time. Therefore, if you are passionate about yoga, and you are traveling to Sayulita on a budget, be sure to travel between the months of April and September because this is when you will find the most affordable rates. You will also find unbelievable deals on Sayulita Mexico resorts.

A change in the scenery

You are guaranteed to have a great experience in the inland centers, but doing yoga on the beach is a different experience altogether. Just imagine going for a session early in the morning when the sun is just rising or late in the evening when the sun is setting? How about at midday when the sun is right above your head, while you listen to the sounds of the waves crashing gently on the shores? Yoga on the beach is a completely new experience in the summer. Remember, since you will be outdoors, your mobility will not just increase under the heat, but the ocean breeze will help you to cool down and relax quickly. It is a great experience compared to doing yoga in enclosed spaces as is always the case with most yoga centers in Puerto Vallarta.

A great place for meditation

Yoga normally features a variety of practices, with the common ones including chants, mantras, music, and exercise among others. When you do yoga by the beach, you tap into Mother Nature’s meditation stimuli – the sounds of crashing waves, the blowing wind, and the smell of the ocean. All these will work harmoniously to help you focus, relax, and clear your mind and these are vital if you want a great meditation experience.