Sayulita Mexico Resorts
23 May

What Are Sayulita Mexico Resorts Known For?

There is no denying that Sayulita is a favorite destination for those who want the perfect beach vacation. However, its prominence as a vacation favorite didn’t come by chance. From the beaches to the Sayulita resorts, it has a unique set of features that simply sets it apart from the rest, and which has turned it into the tourist magnet that it is today. If you have been contemplating a visit to this magical destination, and you need a little convincing, then here is a look at some of the things that Sayulita Mexico resorts are known for and why you should go through with your plans of visiting:

Ease of access by foot

There are taxis and rental cars for those who want, but for the majority that wish to soak in the beauty of the region and have wonderful interactions with the locals, you will be pleased to know that you can go anywhere you want on foot. If you want to venture out of the Sayulita Mexico resorts, the bulk of the restaurants and accommodation are all concentrated within a few blocks from the square, and whether you want to go out for a late night snack or get fresh fruits for breakfast, everything will always be within walking distance.

The People

One of the other things that make Sayulita resorts a great place is the people. Sayulita will make you feel at home irrespective of who you are or where you come from. The locals largely depend on the tourists’ dollars to run their economy, and this is a fact they understand and as such, they are always eager to give every visitor the best experience. They don’t just appear to be helpful, but they are truly helpful, whether you are interacting with staff at the luxury villas of Mexico, tellers at the bank, taxi drivers or fruit vendors. It is always a joy to find such kind and warmth in a land far away from home.

The location

The location of Sayulita allows for great access to other vacation hotbeds and attractions in the region. For example, destinations such as San Pacho are just a few minutes up the cost, and it is a visitor favorite.  Puerto Vallarta is to the south, and if you want to experience luxury tours, quality foods, hidden beach alcoves, and waterfall hiking, then you will be delighted that you have chosen to vacation in Sayulita.

The Food

A destination like Sayulita wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have good food for the vacationers. If there was one word to describe the food in Sayulita, then that would be – amazing! The culinary diversity in Sayulita is well represented and nearly every type of delicacy from all the corners of Mexico are well represented. But other than the local delicacies, there is a heavy presence of international influences to cater to the needs of those who may be a bit homesick while on vacation. Whether you go to the restaurants or choose to try out street foods, you will be more than satisfied with what you will get.

The Surf

Sayulita has an enviable reputation when it comes to surfing. The beaches are not just great for normal beach vacations, but also they have just the right speed of winds and waves that can make someone travel for thousands of miles to come and enjoy the surf. But if you are primarily interested in a surfing experience, be sure to time your visit during the summer since this is when the conditions are just right.

Quiet and peaceful beaches

The beaches of Sayulita are some of the most amazing beaches you will ever find. They are not just endless to guarantee the space you need, but are also very clean and extremely peaceful. Unlike a destination like Puerto Vallarta, you won’t experience the tourist trap when walking along the beaches in Sayulita – there are no happy hour deals, souvenirs booths and people trying to sell you all manner of things. You get the time and the peace to stroll, swim and relax as much as you want without any interference.

The Well-Being

Finally, the other thing that Sayulita Mexico resorts are known for is their wellbeing. Whether it is healing in the sand, healing arts, yoga or massage, you will find the real gurus in Sayulita. A session with them will leave you feeling whole and alive again.