25 Oct

Must Have Water Features for Every Luxury Villa in Mexico

It is indisputable that water features are some of the most outstanding amenities needed for total relaxation during a vacation, hence, a must-have in any kind of luxury villa or resort you choose to vacate in. Concerning luxury villas in Mexico, it would be inexcusable to lack certain water related features, with the most important ones being:

The pool

Moments at the pool are cherished during every vacation, and this is why almost every vacation rental has some kind of a pool. For a good pool experience in a luxury villa rental, there should be a luxurious, classy, infinity pool with the majestic view of the ocean or a pool with blue tiles, or an infinity pool with a decent underwater speaker system.


A Jacuzzi results in the most intimate and compelling relaxation for guests and as such, it should never be missed at a luxury villa in Mexico. This is perfect if you are going for the vacation with your better half, and you desire to have some great romantic moments with your favorite wine as you watch the time pass by.

Rain shower

A showerhead is considered common equipment that you will find in every vacation rental home, but if you are considering a luxury villa, then you shouldn’t expect anything less than a rain shower. It is for delivering perfect relaxation and tranquility, as experienced when the water slowly drops vertically on your head, then downward to the rest of your body. This is a dreamy experience every luxury villa must avail for their guests.

Steam Room

A good luxury villa will have a number of extravagant facilities designed to help guests achieve relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. Though a steam room is not necessarily a water feature, it is a must-have facility for any luxury villa in Mexico. The beauty of such steam rooms in luxury villas is that they are completely private, offering you total control over the brightness, temperature, humidity, as well as the music being played so that you experience the utmost relaxation that you set out for during your vacation.