merry christmas
20 Dec

Why Travel To Mexico for Christmas

Mexico is a tempting destination for Christmas. At this time of the year, it is winter in the north, and taking a flight down south for some sunshine and warmth is never a bad idea. The good news is that in addition to escaping the harsh winters, it is generally a great time to get the best of what Mexico has in store for visitors, given that it is peak travel time for international tourists. Therefore, a Christmas in Mexico is bound to be an exciting one, and here is why:

A chance to escape the cold

As noted earlier, it is winter in the northern hemisphere, and folks for that region prefer to travel south to escape the cold. At this time of the year in Mexico, there is a lot of sun, giving room to warmer weather – the exact opposite of what the north are experiencing. There are plenty of beach destinations you can head over to, with lots of beach vacation rentals to take care of your accommodation needs.

But you should be warned that not all destinations in Mexico will be hot and sunny. Most of the country will be warm at this time, but there are a few places at higher altitudes which may experience slightly colder weather. Destinations such as San Cristabol, and Mexico City can get very cold in December; which is why it is important to check out the Mexico weather guide to see which destinations will be the most ideal for you.

The holidays and festivals

One of the allures of traveling to new destinations around the globe is to interact with locals and learn more about their culture. Mexico is known to be very rich in culture; with many beautiful Christmas traditions and festivals which will give you an incredible chance to experience Mexican culture at its core.

The holiday season in December usually start from December 12th, and it doesn’t seem to end until the New Year. The day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated on 12th December, followed by Christmas traditions such as Posadas, where you will have the chance to experience Mexico’s perception of Christmas and sample some of the finest delicacies from the region.

One thing you will admire about the festivals in Mexico is that in addition to those that are celebrated by the entire nation, there are others that are celebrated at the regional levels.  Here is a list of some of the December festivities you should not miss if you happen to visit Mexico at this time of the year-:

  • Tropico Music Festival in Acapulco
  • Riviera Maya Jass Festival in Playa Del Carmen
  • Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe
  • Sabor a Cabo
  • Noche de Los Rabano in Oaxaca City
  • Navidad on the Christmas Day

Encounters with wild animals

There are a plethora of migratory animals that will be making pilgrimages to the south, especially in Mexico which makes it a great opportunity to see and interact with some of this wildlife. Naturally, Mexico has a good reputation for wildlife observation and here are some of what you may treat yourself to during this months-:

Whale Watching – whales troop to Mexico from December right through to March, and there are several whale watching excursions in places such as Los Cabos. If you will be in Mexico any time after the 15th of April, this is a phenomenon you shouldn’t miss.

Monarch Butterflies – December is the time when the Monarch butterflies are in their wintering grounds at Estado de Mexico and Michoacan up until February. If you have ever dreamt of being surrounded by millions of butterflies, then plan for a family vacation somewhere close to these wintering grounds and experience this unique phenomenon.

Bird Watching – there are millions of birds in Mexico at any given time of the year, but the number seems to increase when winter comes calling. At this time of the year, Mexico becomes the home to numerous migratory species, and it is an excellent time for bird watchers to plan their trips into the country.

It is a high season travel

Many believe that it is not always a good idea to travel during the high season, simply because the rates will be too high. Though it is true that the rates will be high, it is also true that you will get the most and the best of everything. Service providers are out to ensure you get real value for your money, and you will have a chance to enjoy so many things you couldn’t have accessed during the low seasons.

If you don’t want to feel the pinch of the high season on your pockets, then you should plan your visit in advance so that you make your booking when the rates are still okay. When you book early, you can get very nice luxury holiday villas or luxury rentals in Mexico at relatively affordable rates. Besides, high season means a lot of crowds, and if you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy being alone, then again this would be a very nice time to plan your trip and rent a villa in Mexico.