21 Mar

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Sayulita, Mexico

A visit to Sayulita, Mexico, will leave you with memories that will last for a lifetime. You have probably heard about it and you are wondering why there are so many people talking about Sayulita vacation. If you are on the fence, wondering if it will be fun for you to visit, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider taking your vacation in Sayulita:

Easily accessible from North America

Due to its close proximity to Puerto Vallarta International Airport, plane tickets to Sayulita are inexpensive all year round from most parts of the United States and Canada. It is ideal for families or group of friends who need a mutually accessible location from either the US or Canada. Should you need to make unplanned return trip, you are sure to be anywhere in North America before the day ends.


A Sayulita vacation will always be full of very many things to do and see. There are a plethora of activities to satisfy everyone’s desire for adventure and with all of them; you will be surprised how time flies during Sayulita vacations. Some of the activities include swimming, snorkeling, fishing, golfing, ATV tours and horseback riding amongst others.

The weather

A Sayulita vacation will always be full of sun, sand, palm trees and mad fun. The weather is perfect, with very mild rain during certain periods of the year. The days are sunny and warm, which let you enjoy and explore the region. The nights on the other hand are cool enough to allow you to get a sound sleep.

The People

However great a place may be, without warm and friendly locals, you would have a much less enjoyable time there. Luckily for you, the locals in Sayulita are the warmest and the friendliest people you will ever come across in all of Mexico. The people are the secret ingredient that will lead you to a perfect Sayulita vacation. They are always ready to interact with you, show you directions, support you and let you know they appreciate your presence among them.