18 Mar

Top 5 Things to Do During Your Sayulita Vacation

Sayulita is such a wonderful place to vacate in, with so many things to do and see. You won’t realize how fast time flies and you will always want to go back with every chance you get. If it is going to be your first time in Sayulita vacation, here are the top five things you must do before the curtains draws on your Sayulita vacation:

Spend time relaxing in the beach

The Sayulita beaches are some of the greatest attractions in the region and they are the perfect places to relax when you are on vacation. The beaches are calm in the morning, when the fishermen are just coming out with their night catches and a bit busy in the afternoon when the sun warms them up. You can swim or tan in one of the most peaceful and tranquil beaches on earth.

Visit the Playa De Los Muertos

If you love spending time on deserted beaches, then a visit to Visit the Playa De Los Muertos (Beach of the Dead) will be very much welcome. The beach was named as such because it is next to a cemetery. It is the best places to go to if you have little appeal for crowded areas, but you desire to experience a lot of marine life.

Snorkeling around the bay

The waters in Sayulita may not be as clear as those in Cancun, but they are very nice for snorkeling as you enjoy the peace and the company of fish. Though you won’t be treated to lots of funny sea creatures, you will enjoy the swimming and playing around with the puffer fish as they try to hide in the sand.

Take a hike in the jungle

A Sayuita vacation will not be complete without you hiking in the jungle. The Monkey Mountain is nearby where you can go hiking and interact with nature at its best. You can go on your own, or seek the services of the local to make your exploration faster and easier.

Visit Mercado Del Pueblo

This is the place to get nice souvenirs for your Sayulita vacation and also sample the kinds of fresh produce the Sayulita farmers have. It is always open from 10am to 2pm and it is also the best place to sample some of the local foods.