2 Aug

Top 5 Amazing Things to Do During Vacation in Sayulita

Lots of attractions and activities await you during your vacation in Sayulita. There are very good reasons why this has become a top travel destination throughout the world, and if you ever had any plans to visit, then rest assured that you will have the best moments of your life for the duration you will be around. Highlighted here are some of the top five amazing things you should consider doing during your Sayulita vacation:

Relax on the beach

The beach is one of the greatest attractions to this magical region in Mexico. The area has lots of clean beaches, is full of fine sand and clear waters, and irrespective of the time of the day you visit, the experience will always be exhilarating. The best time to visit, however, is in the morning hours just before the crowds come sprawling during the late afternoon.

Visit Playa De Los Muertos

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and spend time in a truly pristine place, then Playa De Los Muertos should be the ideal choice for you. The name loosely translates into the Beach of the Dead and it is situated next to a cemetery – perhaps this is the main reason for the name. The location of the beach is between two rocky walls and if you are courageous enough, you can climb the walls for a chance to see a lot of crabs, as well as other marine animals.

Learn how to surf

With the cool waters of Saylita’s beaches, it would be tempting to try out watersport activities, and if you have never tried surfing before, this would be the perfect chance to learn how to surf. Alternatively, you can teach yourself how to paddleboat and both are bound to provide you with an awesome experience during your vacation.

Snorkel around the bay

Though the waters in Sayulita may not be as crystal clear as those you find in Cancun, it still has wonderful snorkeling opportunities, where you will not just have fun swimming in the warm waters, but you will also see an amazing variety of marine creatures.

Go Fishing

Finally, you can go fishing to catch your dinner or simply explore the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean and appreciate nature at its best. Sayulita bay is known to have plenty of fish and it will not be a significant struggle to get some nice catches.