7 Feb

Top 3 Golf Vacation Trends for 2018

If you have extra bucks to spend on luxury pursuits like golf vacation, then you will desire to have the very best that your money can afford. And the good news is that the world is riddled with a plethora of choices when it comes to exotic golf vacations.

However, in a bid to get the best and enjoy the most out of your holiday, it is worth knowing what is hot right now, and below are just but a few of the golf vacation trends worth watching out for in 2018:

Extended Golf Travel Vacations

With extended golf travel vacations, travellers stay for two or three months in golf-rich areas. They rent vacation apartments or use other options such as Airbnb. The hot destinations for extended golf travels include Portugal, Ireland, France and Italy. Such vacationers aren’t just retired boomers, but also consultants and freelancers who only require reliable Wi-Fi to do their work, and spend the rest of their time playing golf.

Mixing Fitness with Golf

Other than enjoying great golf, golf vacationers are in great need of high quality wellness facilities at the hotels or resorts. They will, therefore, be more inclined to consider options where they will not just be treated to top quality golfing experience, but also, where their fitness and wellness will be taken into consideration. This implies that such facilities should also offer well-equipped fitness centres, nature paths, elaborate jogging trails, several treatments and services, and even yoga and exercise classes.

Shipping Golf Sticks

Instead of using golf sticks availed to them at the resorts, golf travellers are increasingly opting to ship their own golf clubs. When they do this, they won’t have to use sticks they may not be familiar with, avoid long security checks at the airport, avoid carrying heavy bags around, and drawing attention to the fact that they are golf travellers. Airlines can also lose anyone’s clubs, and this is sufficient to ruin one’s anticipated experience.