18 Jun

Tips for Enjoying Your Stay at Nuevo Vallarta Mexico Resorts

After spending thousands of dollars booking your Nuevo Vallarta luxury resort, all you are looking forward to is to have a pleasant time, relax and recharge your body reserves after many months of working.

However, there are certain things normally overlooked which ends up ruining the vacation experience for many people. If you don’t want to be a victim of such, you should know about those things that can ruin you luxury vacation so that you avoid them.

With that said, here are some tips help you get the most from your Nuevo Vallarta Mexico resort experience:

Remember to organize for airport transportation

If you booked an all-inclusive report, then your airport transportation should be included. But if this is not the case, then you should remember to arrange for your airport transportation when you are making the booking. You don’t want to land in Vallarta, tired and exhausted, then you start worrying about how to get to the hotel.

Tips are not always included

Most of the Nuevo Vallarta Mexico resorts will include tips in the upfront cost, but some will not. It is recommended that you carry some small bills with you, but not coins, and have in mind how $1 is valuable to these men and women who sweat day and night to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Be easy with the food

For all-inclusive Nuevo Vallarta Mexico resorts, it will mean that all the foods and drinks will be free. But you have to be careful and take it easy with the food. The temptation to try everything may backfire since your body is not used to most of the foods and it may take some time before the body acclimatizes. You don’t want to travel this far only to suffer from food poisoning because the food was free.

Plan some downtime

With most of the resorts, there will be activities all time, especially during the high seasons. Remember, you came for a vacation so that you can have some nice time to rest and recharge. This will not happen if you want to be doing stuff from sunrise to sunset.