private villa
16 Mar

Why You Should Stay in a Private Villa and Not a Hotel in Mexico

When it comes to deciding between staying in a hotel and a private villa, the majority will always opt for hotels with the perception that private villas may be out of their league in regards to the cost implications, when in some cases villas can result in cost-savings. However, you will be getting more when you stay in a private villa as they often deliver more value.

You should know that there are certain things you cannot attach a monetary value to, and when it comes to getting them, the price should never be the major determinant. Listed below, are the exclusive advantages you will get when you choose a villa over a hotel:

Total peace and seclusion

Hotels are shared spaces with all kinds of guests making all kinds of noises throughout the day. It is not the right place to consider when you want to rest, and not to be disturbed during your vacation. With a private villa, you are guaranteed total peace and complete exclusivity. You have the ability to enjoy lots of private spaces with all the amenities you need to relax and recharge your body reserves. They are also more comfortable than what you will find in most of the hotels.

Lifestyle surrounded by nature

One of the draws to Mexico as a vacation destination is its natural beauty. Many private villas throughout the country are in remote places, which allow you to experience untouched nature in its very purest form. Whether you need a private villa on a bay, close to a beach, or one nestled in lush green vegetation, you can be assured of intimate interaction with nature, and this will be therapeutic to your wellbeing. This is an experience you will never find in hotels.

Vacations tailored to your individual needs

Though there are quite a number of luxurious hotels in Mexico, one fact that will never change, is that these hotels are designed for many occupants, and it is never possible to tailor them to suit the needs of each and every guest. But this is not the case with private villas in Mexico. You can ask for customization in terms of service delivery to obtain the villa offer the exact experience that you originally wanted. You can have it stocked with the foods and drinks you need, have a concierge team to serve you anytime you need them, and use the facility as if you were in your own home.