Sayulita Vacation
17 Sep

Sayulita Vacation: What to Do On a Rainy Day at the Beach

The pristine beaches of Sayulita is an endearing attraction which causes millions of tourists from all over the globe to visit every year. Sayulita is clean, with soft sand and cool waters that will do a lot of wonder for troubled souls looking for peace and relaxation.

However, not every day may be ideal for the beach, as sometimes Mother Nature may decide to open up it’s skies when you wanted to enjoy the sand and sea. But this should not kill your vacation experience, as there are other things activities to do when it rains on the beach.

Here are some of the other activities you can do during your Sayulita vacation when going to the beach isn’t a good idea because of the weather:

Read a book – When the weather is not forgiving outside and going to the beach seems like a bad idea, spend the afternoon with a hot cup of coffee, a warm wrap and a good book.

Try out seafood recipes – If you find time to dash out of your apartment between the spouts of the rain, travel to a local market and get some ingredients for a local seafood recipe. Not only will you avoid the unbearable weather, but at the end of it all, you will have a local delicacy you made all on your own.

Watch movies – depending on the package you chose for your Sayulita vacation, you can binge watch movies as the rain pours outside. This would be ideal if you went on vacation with your better half or partner. Keep warm as you enjoy the entertainment.