12 Apr

Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta Mexico Vacation Rocks

There is no debate as to whether Puerto Vallarta is one of the most inviting vacation destinations across the globe and is always among the top ten places for vacationers all around the world. It is a thriving resort town that receives millions of visitors each year and it seems that with every passing minute, the resort city continues to develop its unique charm. To whet your appetite for a Puerto Vallarta vacation, here are some of the reasons why the destination rocks at all times.

The hotels are amazing

Whether you are looking for a luxury rental in Puerto Vallarta‘s various resorts, or simply a beautiful place to enjoy a simple vacation, you will surely find it in Puerto Vallarta. There are safe accommodations for families, singles and romantic honeymooners, where you are bound to get a great experience. The food also offers a combination of flavor and culture. Whether you would like to try the local dishes such as the birria, tortas ahodagas, or pozole tapatio, you will delight your taste buds with cuisine that will expand your pallet.

Puerto Vallarta beach house rentals and nature trails

If fun and adventure is what you desire for your family vacation, then the gorgeous Puerto Vallarta beach house rentals and the magnificent nature trails are there to give you the most pleasant outdoor experiences. The area has over 40 public beaches and most of the hotels are also nestled with their own beaches.

Some of the things you can indulge in while outdoors include zip lining, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle tours, cruises and much more. You will have more than you need to gratify your spirit of adventure.

The tequila and the mariachis

Tequilas and mariachis are the most defining symbols of Mexico. This is the best place in the world to enjoy authentic mariachis performances as you enjoy your tequila; perhaps some sangria or margaritas.