Adventurous Outdoor Activities
30 Jul

The Most Adventurous Outdoor Activities in Sayulita

When Sayulita is mentioned as a vacation destination, most people think of it as a quiet, laidback fishing village with great attractions and clean beaches. Not so many people ever think of it as a place where adrenalin junkies would find something to do. But how wrong are they to think this way, since the region is full of very exciting outdoor activities that will cause hairs to rise even for the most seasoned adrenalin junky. If you are in doubt, then here is a look at some of the most adventurous outdoor activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush in Sayulita:

Adventurous activities in the water

There is a ton of adventure to be had in the Sayulita waters, and if you want to get the best of this experience, be sure to have a good number of days reserved for your vacation. You can start your water adventures by surfing to enjoy the cool breeze, along with the waters in the late afternoon. Boat racing, snorkeling and diving are the other magnificent adventures you can experience in Sayulita’s ample waters.

Adventures on land

Land adventures in Sayulita are also as exciting as the adventures on water. With the golf courses, beaches and the jungles, you will be simply spoiled in terms of choice, regarding your preferred type of adventure that you need to check off your bucket list, which you can pursue on land. Begin by arranging horseback riding along the beaches, and for deep exploration. When done, go for the canopy tours or jungle bike riding to appreciate Sayulita’s jungle, and immerse yourself in natural beauty, and marvel at the beautiful birds inhabiting the jungles.

Attend local events

Though many may not see how this may be an adventure, it is always a nice experience to meet locals and share some culture with them. This is how you get to appreciate the diversity in culture that exists in different places around the globe.