29 Jan

Luxury Tips for Your Next Boutique Vacation

Going for a luxury vacation should always be an experience to remember. You are already paying a lot of money for it, and there is no need to cut down on the amount of luxury you treat yourself to during this time. Here are a few tips worth considering for the ultimate luxury experience during your next boutique vacation:

Fly business or first class

If your pocket can allow it, fly business or first class on a sleeper seat or have your own mini-suite. This is the most guaranteed way to arrive rested and refreshed. Besides, flying this way will grant you access to great foods, nice wines and some extra hours of shuteye.

Don’t do the driving

If you truly want to experience the pleasures of a luxury vacation, then you should never bother doing the driving on your own. Let someone else do it for you as you sit back, and enjoy the trip. In this manner, you don’t have to deal with acclimatizing with driving in a new city, or jostling your bags at the airport or train station. Travelling by private car will also give you the comfort and convenience you need to immerse yourself in the vacation.

Stay in a 5-star hotel

It goes without saying that a luxury vacation will never be complete without a stay at a five-star hotel. In such a hotel, you will be recognized upon arrival, and the staff will be very keen on your preferences, and will always appreciate the fact that you are doing business with them.

Use the services of a private guide

For a hassle-free experience, consider using the services of a reputable and certified guide every time you need to move around. With an excellent guide, you can have your day customized according to your preferences and personality, avoid long queues at major attractions by getting your tickets purchased early and learn about the best points or joints to enjoy your meals and drinks in a new city.