Enjoying the Beach
29 Apr

Isolate Yourself While Enjoying the Beach from the Comfort of our Secure, Luxury Villas in Sayulita, Mexico

While countries contemplate how long they will have to deal with the novel coronavirus and its aftermath, you can act smart by indulging in luxury untold by staying in one of our villas. The world has undergone an extreme amount of change following the outbreak of Covid-19. If you have survived it or got affected and recovered, then this is the time to be grateful for being alive and appreciate the little pleasures that life throws your way. At Hacienda Patrizia, we have the right environment for you to isolate yourself in luxury and comfort while the world grapples with the virus. With us, you can find the perfect way to enjoy the beach from the comfort of a secure villa while having access to a great deal of luxury. Here is why this is the best thing to do at the moment:

Our luxury villas will provide you with the privacy you need

Lockdown, isolation, quarantine, and stay at home orders have become very common terms in the past few months.

This is the result of the authorities and healthcare workers trying to urge people to stay home to try and stop the spread of the virus. However with a stay at our luxury villas in Sayulita, Mexico, this is not something you will have to worry about. Our villa is already private. This means that you don’t have to go out to meet anyone or have to meet people as you would normally. At our villa, you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with someone who might already be affected. This way, you can enjoy isolation in privacy and luxury without worrying about catching the virus.

You will stay in a safe and secure neighborhood

At our Sayulita resorts in Mexico, you will get more than just privacy to avoid getting in contact with other people for potential infection. We are located in a safe and secure region of Puerto Vallarta and since the outbreak of the disease, adequate measures were taken to ensure that contact between our guests and staff with the rest of the world was limited. As such, you will be in a safe and secure neighborhood where you can relax and enjoy some quiet moments without worrying about getting sick.

Access to luxurious amenities

Just like any other villa stay, staying in our Sayulita resorts in Mexico will give you a chance to enjoy a wide range of luxurious amenities. Whether it is dining, relaxing, or entertainment, we are well equipped to ensure you get all the luxury you need during your stay. We have private pools, HD television, high-speed internet, game rooms, a gym, a fully equipped kitchen, a well-furnished living space, and luxurious bedrooms. These will give you all you need as far as luxury stays are concerned. The good news is that you will have all these by yourself and you won’t have to worry about sharing them with anyone else.

A well-deserved break from the normal

We are located in a unique and beautiful environment, around a lot of attractions. Besides, we are designed to give you luxurious experiences that you wouldn’t get to enjoy during your day to day life.  Staying at our villas is a great chance to give yourself a well-deserved break at this time of the year. Perhaps you are reeling from the effects of the coronavirus, or you haven’t taken a break from your normal life in a very long time. This is the time to step back, relax and indulge in luxury by staying in our luxury villas in Sayulita, Mexico.

Escape away from the effects of quarantine or self-isolation

Being in quarantine or self-isolation is not an easy experience.  It means that you can’t walk freely, visit your friends, attend or participate in sports, travel to new places, eat out, etc. It is a complete disruption of normal life, and it results in a very boring life. However, at our luxury villas in Sayulita, you won’t have to worry about the deadly impacts of self-isolation or quarantine. While the rest of the world can’t enjoy beaches or community swimming pools, you will have direct access to the beach. And while the rest of the world has to contend with the same routine every day, you will have various options for how to spend your day.