Luxury Vacation Rental
3 Jun

Insightful Tips on How to Tip at a Luxury Vacation Rental

When you book a luxury vacation rental, there will be staff around to ensure your stay is as smooth as possible. Giving tips to the staff is not necessary, but a highly recommended practice if you feel they went an extra mile to ensure you got everything you needed. Since there are no set standards for tipping, here is what is expected of you when giving tips to the vacation rental staff:

The Concierge

The concierge will see to it that every aspect of your vacation is well taken care of, and this ranges from booking your tours, activities and services. They relieve you of the time and the effort you would have taken to ensure that you have everything in place, and they will just be one phone call away should you need anything during your vacation. With the heavy role they play, the recommended tip would be anything between $200 and $500 or more depending on how grateful you are.

The Chef

To know how well you should tip the chef, consider the quality of the meals they prepared, the number of meals, and how personable they were to you. For example, did they ask for your feedback on the meals or any improvements you would have wanted? Did they prepare an authentic dish and told you the history behind it and did you generally like being served by them. After taking such into consideration, a good tip to the chef would be between 15% and 20% of their total fees.


Housekeeping is very vital in a luxury vacation rental, and it is only proper to tip the housekeepers if you were truly pleased with their services. To determine how much to tip them, consider your specific experience with them. For example, did they change your towels in good time, leave beautiful towel decorations on your bed, smiled and tried to be nice to you even if you had a language barrier etc. A generous tip for the housekeeper would thus be anything between $150 and $250.