Prestigious Oasis for Surf Lovers
31 Jul

Discover Sayulita: A Prestigious Oasis for Surf Lovers

Sayulita is well-known for being a small, laid back surf village off the coast of Mexico. It is a destination that was discovered by US surfers during the late 1950s. Since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds such that it is currently regarded as the Crown Jewel of the Riviera Nayarit.

The clean breaks and the easy waves make it an ideal surfer’s paradise. When this is coupled with several surfing schools, it becomes an inviting surfing destination that will be enjoyed by both the pros and amateurs.

However, Sayulita is not all about surfing. It is an exciting destination with lots of things to do and see that are still waiting to be discovered. Below is a look at some of the exciting things that await you in this gorgeous oasis for surf lovers:


The waters of Sayulita are inviting for snorkeling lovers given that they are warm, clear, and known to be bustling with marine life. All you need to have on is your snorkeling gear then head down for a refreshing swim while you appreciate the vibrant marine life that the region enjoys.

To make your snorkeling experience even more adventurous, you can plan a trip to the Marieta Islands for a tour of the marine park as well as a unique chance to swim with the dolphins, or even share a kiss.

Enjoy the region’s culinary diversity

Sayulita is not all about sun, sand, and beaches. The influx of foreigners into the region implies that there will always be hungry mouths to be fed. With all the tourist activities in the region, Sayulita also enjoys an incredible culinary diversity drawn from nearly all the regions of the world.

Whether you are looking for incredible seafood, delicious Mexican classics, or gluten-free options for those that are more health conscious, Sayulita will have something for you. If you want an amazing experience of the region’s culinary diversity, then it is imperative that you venture away from the Sayulita resorts and discover what the streets and restaurants therein have to offer.

Create unforgettable memories on the beaches

The Sayulita Beach has a rather unique, but interesting configuration. On one end of the beach you will find a variety of beachside restaurants and bars with a lively atmosphere, complete with lounges out in front. On the other end of the beach, you will find less bars and restaurants, but a few surf schools and nice chill-out spots.

This means that if you want a more vibrant beach section where you can party all day and night, or  a quiet spot where you can relax and reflect on life, Sayulita beach presents you with both options. One other feature of these beaches is that they are exceedingly breathtaking. If you are a photo lover, you are guaranteed to take epic shots that will be forever etched in your memory.

Enjoy fishing with the locals

Sayulita may be a surf paradise, but the locals also fish as one of their sources for livelihood apart from the tourist dollars. If you have never fished in your life, then you can consider your trip to Sayulita a great chance for you to experience some fishing expeditions with the locals.

Instead of spending time locked up in a Sayulita resort, you can organize with the locals and venture out to sea to hunt some large tunas or sea bream. It will also be a chance for you to learn various fishing techniques such as spearfishing.

Shop for some unique souvenirs

A trip to a place like Sayulita won’t be complete without decent shopping for souvenirs – if anything, this is usually a part and parcel of every travel experience. When you walk along the narrow cobblestone alleyways, you will come into contact with classy souvenir shops selling a variety of items, ranging from arts, painting installations, designer pieces, clothing, and even native Indian-inspired goat heads. What you find in these shops are exceedingly unique items that will continuously remind you of your trip to Sayulita. Therefore, while you enjoy your  Sayulita luxury villa in Mexico, remember to create some time to explore the shopping center for some serious souvenir hunting.