3 Aug

Bucerias Vacation Rentals: Expert Tips on Maintaining Health while Traveling

Traveling is all fun and games until you get sick or your stomach feels off after you  find yourself bloated from overeating delicious foreign food. Take care of your health at all times, wherever you go, so you can enjoy your stay at our bucerias vacation rentals:

Here are some amazing tips that will help you maintain your health while traveling:

  • Do not buy street food since the measures taken could’ve been unsanitary, such as the cook not having clean hands, fruits and veggies may have been washed with unclean water, or even have insect contamination. Stick with fruits that you can peel and squeeze lime on your meals as it helps kill bacteria!
  • Avoid drinking tap water and beverages with ice since they may not be purified and this can be dangerous. Therefore, avoid smoothies and juices prepared on site. Buy bottled water instead and drink enough everyday! You can also drink water with lime and salt since it is good for hydration. When it comes to alcohol, try to ease up on it as most drinks contain a massive amount of sugar, like margaritas.
  • Take some time to follow an exercise routine a few minutes per day, go on a hike, take long walks, do yoga for relaxation and muscle recovery.
  • COVID-19: always wash your hands, carry hand sanitizer, wear a face mask in public or else you’ll receive a warning, stay up to 36 hours in jail and/or be fined up to $385.

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