Vacation Rentals
5 Sep

Bucerias Vacation Rental Options – Hotel Rooms, Apartments and Villas

Bucerias, in the local dialect translates into “a place to dive into”, and through the years, it has never failed to deliver this description. It is an adored destination for tourists looking for a tropical paradise in the Riviera Nayarit, and should also be at the top of a travel list for anyone who is planning a vacation in Mexico.

Hotel Rooms

As a top vacation destination in Mexico, Bucerias enjoys an incredible variety of hotels of all cadres to suit the varying needs of its visitors. Based on your budget, you will have numerous hotel options that will meet your budget.  Whether you are looking for budget hotels to have a homebase to lay down your head after a day full of adventure, or you need a high end hotel with a beach view, you will be overwhelmed with the amazing variety that is offered in Bucerias.


If you want to have the “home feeling” during your vacation with access to a normal home setup, then apartments would make the perfect Bucerias vacation rental for you. Just like hotels, there are a plethora of apartments in Bucerias to fit almost any budget, and with them comes the freedom to be on your own and enjoy a great deal of privacy during your vacation.


Villas are for the ultimate luxury if you want to get the most out of your Mexico vacation. They don’t come cheap, but every dollar you spend on them is worth it. They are designed to let you have the perfect relaxation you need during your vacation and in them, you will find almost every item of luxury you need to feel and look your best as you enjoy your holiday.