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4 Oct

Best Vacation in Sayulita: Where You Should Eat

A trip to Sayulita, Mexico, is a time to relax your mind, body, and soul. With so many beautiful places to visit and things to see, time will always fly, whether you have just a few days or several weeks to visit. Just like visiting any new destination, indulging in their culture and understanding their beliefs is one component that you will find particularly interesting in Sayulita.

Food, for instance, will be a huge part of the experience, and with the rich culinary diversity, prepare to treat your taste buds to some of Mexico’s finest cuisines. Of course, you can choose to eat at the Sayulita Mexico resorts where you will book accommodation, but you can also explore the food culture around by visiting the local restaurants and eateries. If you prefer the former to the latter, than here is a look at some of the best places worth visiting when you want to indulge in authentic Mexican cuisines.

El Itacate

El Itacate is a small but authentic taco joint located along a busy street in Sayulita. If you choose to eat away from the resorts, you can expect that you will be eating lots of tacos, and this is one of the best places to find not just tacos, but an assortment of other Mexican dishes as well. Though it is always a busy place, their service is fast, have professional wait staff, and they offer rich menus. If you visit at peak times however, you may not find a table, so be sure to go during off-peak hours if you want to have a quiet and peaceful time enjoying your tacos.

Burrito Revolution

Burrito Revolution is located just next to El Itacate, and with it comes a different kind of a premise. They specialize in offering fresh burritos which are made right in front of your eyes as you watch. It is only the sauces that you will find already prepared in advance, though they are prepared every morning so they will still be fresh by the time the restaurant starts service. It is a great joint if all you are looking for freshness, not just in the food, but also in the ambiance and the service. Besides, they offer a huge variety of burritos, quesadillas, and tacos, and this simply means that you will not lack in choices of what to eat.

Don Pedro’s Restaurant

Before you think that the only foods you can have out of the Sayulita Mexico vacation rentals are tacos and burritos, then you need to know about Don Pedro’s restaurant. Don Pedro’s restaurant happens to be one of the oldest food joints in the city and has a reputation of being one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a great place to enjoy seafood and fine dining experience. Its location is also great, and when coupled with the ambiance, and the friendly service, it is a place worth checking if you want to understand the full depth of the Mexican cuisines. However, the menu is not only Mexican, but also you will find great options featuring Asian, and Mediterranean dishes.

Tierra Viva

Tiera Viva is just one block away from the beach. It is not just the location that makes them one of the best restaurants in Sayulita; they are known for their tasty, fresh and delicious foods that come in very generous portions. Their menu features flavors ranging from Mexican to Caribbean dishes, as well as a wide selection of international wines and cocktails. Whether you are looking for dining options for lunch, dinner or breakfast, you will not be disappointed with what Tierra Viva has in store for you.

Los Corazone

Los Corazone is another great restaurant to consider if you don’t want to go for Sayulita vacation packages that will limit your dining options. If you are looking for a top place where you can indulge in fresh Mexican seafood and fine meat cuts in a casual and chic setting, then you have every reason to check out Los Coazone. The food in this restaurant is not only rich but is prepared and presented with a great deal of professionalism. Their menu features delights such as cucumber jalapeno margaritas, mango salsa shrimp, and filet mignon among others. With a romantic décor featuring candlelit tables, Los Corazone is very popular among young couples, locals, and experts keen on having a great food experience.