Puerto Vallarta Tourist Attractions & Tours

For your convenience, we compiled a list of local tourist attractions that we highly recommended you try during your visit here.

We have included everything from the romantic to the thrilling – regardless of what you pick; your experience will be unforgettable. Simply browse our list; with an activity list this big, there’s something for everyone!

Recommended Puerto Vallarta Activities

Canopy Rope Tours

Zip-line adventures offer an action-packed day that combines the thrill of speed and tranquility. Canopy tours usually include a tour of Puerto Vallarta’s tropical jungle with an experienced guide. From there, participants will be led to a zip-line where they will then soar through the jungle canopy. Highest quality safety equipment is used during canopy rope tours so you will gently glide on a secure, steel cable while you enjoy breathtaking views.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding tours and excursions can take place in the jungles of Puerto Vallarta, along the miles of pristine beaches, through small waterfalls, and even during the (romantic) sunset. Horseback riding is great for beginners and no previous riding experience is required.


Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the best surfing spots in all of Mexico. Expect warm waters, gentle winds, and variety of surf breaks. Surfing is great fun and provides excellent physical exercise – ideal for both beginners and experts. Most tour companies will offer surfing lessons for beginners so you’ll feel confident and prepared to ride Puerto Vallarta’s tropical waves. If you’re an expert surfer craving some space, we recommend taking a boat to a secluded coastal area.

Whale Watching

Whale watching tours are great fun for couples and families. Marine biologists usually guide the aquatic adventure tours and are talented at finding marine mammals such as humpback whales, gray whales, spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and sea lions. This is an ideal excursion for shutterbugs and nature enthusiasts.


ATV tours are a fast and furious way to explore Puerto Vallarta’s jungles, beaches, rivers, villages, and botanical gardens. Tours range from short excursions to full day expeditions and can feature solo or coupled riding.


Puerto Vallarta is home to seven world-class golf courses three exclusive golf resorts and is quickly developing a reputation as being the best golf destination in Mexico. Some of the world’s greatest architects designed golf courses here in Puerto Vallarta, often inspired by the stunning tropical backdrop this amazing region has to offer.

Golf Courses in the surrounding area include:

  • Flamingos Golf Course
  • El Tigre Club de Golf
  • Vidanta Golf Nayar
  • Litibu Golf Course

Paddle Surfing

Paddle surfing is an increasingly popular sport and offers a great workout and sightseeing. Participants often see dolphins, sea turtles, exotic tropical fish, and coastal birds. We highly recommend this Mexico activity because it doubles as a nature tour and exhilarating workout.


Continue your relaxing vacation in Mexico by sailing on serene Vallarta waters. Marine life frequently can be seen from a boat when the motor is turned off – whales, dolphins, manta rays, tropical fish, and coastal birds are commonly spotted during sailing excursions.


Everyone who visits Puerto Vallarta should go snorkeling at least once. Expect to witness an array of tropical fish and even dolphins when snorkeling in our clear waters or tropical coves. Private or group snorkeling tours are available as well as package tours.

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