Safe Bucerias Vacation
28 Jun

5 Aspects to be Checked to Find the Right Child Safe Bucerias Vacation Rentals

Before booking your Bucerias vacation rental, you will have to make sure that the rental will be safe for your kids. Let us look at few of the aspects you should check.

Finding Child Safe Bucerias Vacation Rentals

Look for a Vacation Rental With Stair Gates

During your search for Bucerias vacation rentals, it will be necessary to examine the presence of stair gates in those rentals. Stair gates will give you the assurance that your child will not be going up or down those stairs on his or her own.

Check Whether There are Outlet Covers

Presence of outlet covers will be another safety assurance that you will have and as such, you need to make sure that the rental you book has these outlet covers.

Examine Safety Measures Implemented for Swimming Pool

In case a  vacation rental comes with its own private pool, then it should have the necessary measures to ensure safety for kids. Few of the safety measures which should be present, include:

  • Gated pool area
  • Pool alarm
  • Pool covers
  • Alarmed door for the private pool

Analyze Outdoor Space Vacation Rental Offers

Kids like outdoor space but, on your part you will have to ensure that such space will be safe for them. Few of the details to look into in this respect would be:

  • Does the vacation rental property comes with a yard and if so, is the yard has been adequately secured with the help of a fence?
  • Is there a balcony and will it be possible to lock the door which opens on that balcony?
  • Is there a properly screened in porch?

Check Safety of Beds

If there are bunk beds at a vacation rental, then you will have to make sure that those beds will be safe for your kids. As such, you will have to examine that:

  • Top bunks have safety rails

If cribs are provided by the rental then do the cribs according to current safety specifications.