Relax on the Beach
8 Sep

4 Things to Do During a Day Trip in Sayulita

The number of things you can do during your Mexico vacation in Sayulita are numerous. You don’t just have to confine yourself to the Sayulita Mexico resorts, when you can venture out and have loads of fun on day trips in and around the area.

Relax on the Beach

Sayulita is known for its great beaches, and most Sayulita Mexico resorts have access to clean and pristine beaches where you will enjoy spending hours, just watching the waves as they gently crush on the shores. Get a place with beach umbrellas, where you can be served with cold drinks and then get ready for a blissful time at the beach.

Go out on a Full-Blown Street Food Tour

The street food culture in Sayulita is simply amazing. The number of eateries is just enviable, and so easy to treat yourself to true and authentic Sayulita delicacies. Whether you need pizza, burgers, grilled fish or gourmet salads, be prepared to be spoiled with the number of choices once you hit the streets.

Go Surfing

From your Sayulita Mexico resort, you will have access to a variety of sports, and nothing will be more entertaining than venturing out when it is sunny and windy on a surf. The good news is that even if you have never surfed before, there will be coaches willing to show you how to get going in just a matter of minutes. It is truly a great way to relax if you have an adventurous spirit in you.

Go Shopping

As usual, no vacation experience will be complete without sampling a few souvenirs and Sayulita will definitely grant you some of the best shopping experiences during your vacation in Mexico.