30 Dec

4 Reasons to Travel to Sayulita for Christmas

Sayulita is very close to Puerto Vallarta, located just 30 miles northwest. Once upon a time, it was a very quiet village where all that the residents cared about was how to get their next meal, and have fun on the beach. But now, it has grown to be one of the hottest travel destinations in Mexico.

With a population of slightly over 4,000, it is heaven for young surfers, online entrepreneurs, and families in need of a quality luxury Mexican vacation experience. If you were planning your vacation in December, here are some of the reasons why Sayulita should be on top of your destination list:

The weather is perfect

The December weather in Sayulita is just right for a perfect vacation. It is mostly sunny, with a few rainy days on occasion, but you can expect lots of sunny days to allow you the pleasure to get the most out of the beaches and other outdoor activities such as hiking or beach tours.

Beautiful Beaches

The remarkable beaches in Sayulita are some of the greatest attractions in this region during the month of December. At this time, it is snowing throughout the US and Europe, but in Sayulita, it is all fun in the white sandy beaches, beautifully decorated by the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Escape the cold and enjoy the outdoors in Sayulita during the Christmas season.

Family-friendly features

If you are planning a family vacation in Mexico during the month of December or January, then you have every reason to make Sayulita your top destination of choice. The beaches are perfect to hang out, swim, and catch a few waves with all the members of the family. There are also other family-friendly activities available, such as snorkeling, diving, hiking, and mountain biking, which will leave every member of the family tired, but pleasantly refreshed.