18 Dec

3 Must Visit Mexican Cities during Christmas Holidays

Christmas and Hanukkah holidays are a great time to do some travelling, and get refreshed in readiness, for the New Year. Mexico is one of the places most frequently visited, and this is due to the awesome travel opportunities it has to offer for all types of vacationers. If you plan to take a plane down to this exotic Central American travel destination during the holidays, here are three cities you must make an effort to visit:


There is something special about Bucerias, Mexico. It has a unique charm, responsible for attracting thousands of new visitors every year, and also making past visitors coming back for more. The beaches, vibrant culture, food and friendly locals are some of the things that make Bucerias endearing to many travelers in Mexico. Besides, it has a wide range of Bucerias vacation rentals that suit the needs of each and every traveler, without having to dig too much. It should be one of the places you put on your must-see list, when coming down to Mexico during Christmas.


If you are looking for a vacation that is more relaxed, but vibrant, with lots of water-based activities, then Sayulita should be a must-visit city during the Christmas holidays. Other than the water sports, Sayulita’s streets are very busy during festive seasons, with all types of cultural activities, dances and competitions, taking place in the evenings, and into the night. The food is great, the people are extremely friendly, and welcoming, and the weather is always perfect during the month of December. You should never miss a trip to Sayulita when traveling to Mexico during the Christmas Holidays.

San Pancho

The city of San Pancho is one of many people’s favorite towns, along the Riviera Nayarit, and is highly reputed by the majority of Mexican travelers. It is characterized by beautiful streets and colorful buildings, which make it an attractive place all year round. Watching the sun set at the beach is a community affair, and you will find yourself amongst hundreds of people ready to enjoy life along the beaches. The food is awesome and being a festive season, you will get a chance to taste some of the finest local cuisine in Mexico. There are also lots of activities, including street festivals and night parties that will ensure you are thoroughly entertained throughout your stay in San Pancho.