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28 Oct

How to Safely Book Your Vacation by Owner Rental in Mexico

Vacation rentals by owner have become immensely popular in the recent past, because of their ability to offer more customization and flexibility compared to normal rentals. But this popularity has also come along with a myriad of challenges, with fraud being at the top of the list.

If you are planning for a vacation and you have decided to go for vacation rental by the owner, then it is imperative to be very careful when booking so that you don’t book non-existent properties. To guide you through this, there are some tips you must have in mind:

Be cautious with cheap

Many vacationers have fallen for cheap rates and ended up regretting why they decided to make the bookings. A decent vacation, especially in places such as Mexico, will not be cheap. Therefore, take note of the rates and exercise a lot of caution if a vacation rental by an owner appears to be cheaper than the rest. Either they are marketing a non-existent rental or a very poor experience awaits upon arrival.

Read reviews for clues

Reading reviews is a powerful way to check out available vacation rentals by the owner, and you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The reviews will be relatively accurate representation of the client’s sentiments; you can tell if you will have a great, average or poor experience.

Cyberstalk the owner

Most vacation rentals by owners will be advertised on different platforms online. The main purpose for cyberstalking the owner is to see if there is a consistency in their marketing. Are they using the same descriptions, rates, features, and images for the same property? If you find any form of inconsistency, especially in the photos and description, then they may as well be scammers waiting to pounce on unsuspecting vacationers.

Pay only by credit card

The safest and the most reliable way to pay for vacation rental by owners is through credit cards. Never pay for such things using a wire transfer or equivalent money transfer.