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26 Sep

What to Pack for a Perfect Beach Vacation In Mexico

A beach vacation in Mexico is a dream come true for many. The sand, the sun, and the sea, are some of the attractions that make vacating to Mexico, special and fulfilling.

But do you know that poor preparation and packing the wrong items can ruin your vacation experience in Mexico? To save you the trouble, here are some of the essentials you need to pack, to get the most out of your beach vacation in Mexico:

Beach towels

The last thing you want to do, is to get out of the water and realize that you didn’t bring your towel. It can be extremely embarrassing to start asking around for a towel, when you could have just carried yours.

Moisturizer Plus SF

You will get a lot of vitamin C from the sun, but you should remember that too much of it may be dangerous, and this is why a moisturizer, along with some sun lotion, must not be forgotten when you are packing for your beach vacation.

Waterproof, battery or energy operated radio

After returning from a trip to the beach, you may want to just lie around, and enjoy the moment, throughout which, you can have the radio play relevant and soothing tunes, such as Demis Roussouss, “Island in the Sun”.

Flip Flops

You definitely need to have a pair of these, so that you have a comfortable time shuffling your feet through the hot sand. You can also decide to leave them, but sometimes the sand may be unforgiving, not to mention potential injuries from getting cut by broken pieces of seashells.

Beach Totes

It is a holiday, and you will need some colorful totes to help you carry all the essentials, safely and comfortably. You may also need to buy a few things, and will require a place, such as a small tote bag, to carry them. Choose totes that are the right size, and which are easy to carry along.

Sun glasses and sun hats

There is going to be too much sun, and for the safety of your eyes, as well as the overall comfort while out in the hot sun, sunglasses and sun hats are also highly recommended.


A beach vacation will never be complete without sunscreen. Choose your favorite, and pack it along with other essentials.