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17 Apr

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Beach Vacation Destination

If you are planning a beach vacation in the near future, then there is no denying that you will have many choices, but Mexico should be on top of your list. The world is full of wonderful and relaxing beaches that will soothe every kind of vacationer, with unprecedented merriment. However, there are very good reasons why Mexico should be on top of your list, such as:

Great diversity in the beaches

Mexico boasts over 450 beaches, with the most outstanding feature being that each beach has its own distinct personality. This is the place where you will find just about any kind of beach you desire for your vacation, from crowded public beaches to cool, quiet and serene private beaches. Whether you want to enjoy water sports, snorkeling, and swimming or simply cherish the sand, sun and sea, Mexico has got you covered.

Enjoy Mexican Cuisine

There are very few places on earth where you will find such diversity in terms of food, than in Mexico. If you love great food, prepare it with attention to detail, and create it with the objective of bringing dead taste buds back to life, then Mexico is the place. It is literally a food haven and regardless of your preferences for what goes into your stomach, you will find more food choices than you need in Mexico.

Join lots of festivals

Depending on your time of travel, there is always a festival to catch up with in Mexico. The festivals bring with them, a different kind of experience and in addition to your planned itinerary, taking part in the festivals, is a great way to get involved with the Mexicans more deeply, and will allow you to enjoy their cultures and partake in the celebrations. Some of the most exciting festivals you should not miss include the Balloon Festival celebrated in November, and the Day of the Dead celebrated in late October.