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23 Sep

What to Look for In a Puerto Vallarta Luxury Villa

If you are looking forward to a Puerto Vallarta villa rental, you should be interested in getting a rental that will be worth the money you will be paying. Since these rentals are not cheap, there are certain features they ought to have, in order to be considered luxury villas.

Here are some of the features every luxury villa should be equipped with, without which; you should not waste your time or money renting them:


For a villa to qualify as luxurious, there are a few essential amenities they should have. Your ideal Puerto Vallarta luxury villa should include amenities such as a swimming pool, spacious living area, well-furnished dining area, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. A modern entertainment system and fast internet access should also be available.

Staff and services

A luxury rental will not truly be considered luxurious unless there are qualified, and well trained staff to wait upon you. A luxurious villa must have maids, housekeepers, gardeners, chefs, and a villa manager, to ensure that everything is in its rightful place, and you have all you need for a luxurious stay. Inquire about the staff, and their availability, before you go ahead and make a booking.

The design

Luxury must also be displayed in the design of the villa. The overall design, in terms of architecture, furnishings, landscaping, and the interior décor, must be of plush standards. A great Puerto Vallarta luxury villa will be a spectacle to behold, and will be unique in terms of aesthetics, structure and its surroundings.


A villa may have all of the above, but unless they are well maintained, guests will never enjoy the luxury they had anticipated. The measure of a villas’ luxuriousness, will be based upon the quality of its maintenance. If you suspect that the villa you are interested in lacks in terms of proper maintenance, then you should move on, continue your search, and select another booking.