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25 Mar

Insightful Tipping Tips for Vacation Home Rentals in Mexico

Tipping is always a kind gesture. It is a show of appreciation for services rendered. When you spend time in a vacation home rental in Mexico, ethics and good manners dictate that you should tip. This is not necessarily compulsory since you have already paid for the services, but still, it is a benevolent and honorable thing to do. Here are a few insightful tipping tips to consider every time you want to tip when at a vacation home rental in Mexico:

What to tip the housekeeper

The average amount of tips given to housekeepers throughout vacation rentals in Mexico, is between $20 and $50. You may give less, or you may give more depending on your personal experience with the housekeeper. If she was personable and did special things for you such as maintaining fresh flowers in a vase, making beautiful towel origami decorations on your bed, and smiling at you every time you come in contact, you may decide to tip more. But if she was plain and boring, and was just doing her job, then you can tip minimally or average at best.

How much to tip the gardener

Regarding the gardener, you can offer between $20 and $40 depending on how you evaluate your entire experience with them. Were they kind enough to show around the garden and tell you more about the types of flowers? Did they tend to you everyday or did they only drop by once per week? Were they warm and friendly with you every time you met? These are the questions you need to answer before you decide how much to tip.

What to tip the maintenance man

A tip of between $20 and $30 would be appropriate for the maintenance man. Just like with the rest of the staff, evaluate why they deserve to be tipped in the first place. For instance, if they were never around or took too long to respond when you reached out to them, then there is no need for you to tip them.

Always tip in the local currency

In as much as you may desire to tip in US dollars for the perceived high value, it will be more difficult for them to change the dollar into their local currency. To begin with, waiting in line at the bank is unpleasant and time consuming, and they will lose a good chunk of the tip for taxes and fees. For the most part, it is recommended that you should tip in the local currency.