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13 Jun

Essential Safety Tips While Vacationing In Bucerias

When you are visiting Bucerias for your Mexican vacation, you have to stay vigilant and never forget about your safety and security. Losing your ATM cards or valuable electronics is sufficient enough to put a damper on the whole experience, and for some, it may be enough to have you return home cursing why you ever even considered the trip in the first place.

Here are some essential safety tips you should consider every time you visit Bucerias for vacation purposes:

Let the hotels and restaurants arrange for taxis

For daytime travel, it is relatively safe and convenient to use public transport, but at night, you must use taxis if you want to be safe. However, you should not call the taxis on the streets at night. This alone, is a security threat since some thieves pose as taxi drivers, and you may be attacked when you are seen as a foreigner waiving down a taxi at a curb, late at night. Let the hotel or restaurant you are in arrange for the taxi on your behalf.

Withdraw money during the daytime

If you need to reimburse your cash reserve, be sure to do it during the daytime, and at the ATM or the exchange bureaus inside shops and malls, and never on the open streets. It is also recommended that the machines you use are associated with multinational or national banks, such as Bank of Nova Scotia, Banorte, Banamax, and Santander.

Keep your valuable items

Don’t walk around with valuable items such as smartphones, cameras and other expensive accessories in plain sight. You will be making yourself a target for pickpockets and street gangs.

Don’t discuss your plans within audible distance of strangers

Don’t talk about your travel plans, hotel, room number, places to visit, or any other personal information within earshot of strangers. You have no idea who is listening, and you don’t know what they are capable of doing with such information.

In case of an incident, don’t fight back

In the unfortunate event that you are accosted by thugs, simply comply. You are in a foreign land and you don’t want to get hurt trying to protect your camera or laptop. Simply let them have whatever they want and inform the authorities once they leave. If any item containing sensitive information has gotten stolen, be sure to leave a police report as soon as possible to protect yourself in the case of potential fraud or identity theft.