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26 Nov

What Your Children Truly Want During a Family Vacation

Concerning your family vacations, it is important to have a clear idea of what your children really want if you want them to enjoy every bit of the vacation as much as you do. Knowledge of your kids’ interests during a vacation will not just help you choose the right destination, but will guarantee you a tailored experience, which will leave every member of the family happy.

Here is a short guide on how to know what kids really want on a vacation.

Young kids between 5 – 11 years old

Pleasing this age during family vacations is not rocket science. If you can get them to locations with water parks or swimming pools and lots of ice cream, then the majority of them will be very pleased.

When it comes to the hotel, this group of kids will want to have unlimited access to treats that you wouldn’t normally allow them to have at home, such as bouncy beds (be careful), and some will appreciate if they could get rooms slightly bigger than what they are used to at home.

Older kids between 12 – 16 years old

The vacation demands of this group will be very different from the younger ones. This is the tech generation, and they will want to have constant access to WIFI so that they stay in touch with the world when on vacation.

They will also care about your vacation destination of choice, and they will hope for some great scenery, so that they can take lots of photos and impress their friends using various social media. This is the right group to consider activities such as hiking, beach excursions, and food tours, since they are very adventurous and will be looking for every opportunity to explore, provided that they will take photos and share them with their friends on social media.