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16 Jul

Bucerias Vacation Rentals: Luxury Travelling Tips

Luxury vacations are always a dream come true regarding Bucerias in Mexico, as your travel destination, and is one of the top places a good number of people prefer going for their luxury vacations. The place is simply amazing, with warm and welcoming people, good foods and lots of attractions and activities, which offer you all the fun you had yearned for.

The region is also known to have the best Bucerias vacation rentals and rest assured that you will get your money’s worth with every rental you opt for. With that said, here are some luxury travelling tips to help you stay safe and make the most of your vacation:

Avoid having name and address tags on your luggage

Having your name and address tags on your luggage makes you a target by gangs and criminals, and allows potential offenders to discover where you are staying, and you may end up losing very valuable items in the process. Therefore, learn to travel without advertising your name and address on the luggage.

Selfies could save the day

Every time you start a new memory card for your camera, be sure to take a quick selfie. This is purely precautionary should you lose your camera and you are called to claim it. The selfie will be a sure way to prove that the camera is indeed yours.

Research the rental properly

Take your time to adequately evaluate the Bucerias vacation rental where you will be staying. It is possible to get conned or even rent a bad place where you will have an awful experience, and potentially jeopardize your life, along with your personal items.

Use taxis at night

For your own safety, you should use taxis at night and public transport during the day. Bucerias may be a great vacation destination but this does not mean that it has bad guys. Be sure to call the taxi to your location, and don’t hail them on the street, as this will easily sell you out to the bad guys.